The Top Five Green MBA Programs in the US (And maybe the World)

The Huffington Post has just written an article naming my school one of the top five MBA programs in the States. We’re number 4, among some heavy hitters.

  • 1. Presidio
  • 2. Stanford
  • 3. University of Michigan
  • 4. Bainbridge Graduate Institute
  • 5. Yale

I’m pretty excited to see the name of my school up there next to #2,3, and 5.  I would always hope to see Presdio on that list as well.  However, I find I need to remind myself that this list is simply someone’s opinion. I’m glad that my school made the list, but if the one or two Sustainability courses at the big name school put them in the top 5 of (maybe the world) then we have a long way to go.

You see, there are only a few schools in the States that have built their curriculum around sustainability from the ground up. BGI and Presdio are two of them. The other schools (and please allow me to make some broad generalizations) usually add one or two survey classes on sustainability and call it good.  This does not make that school qualified to give out a sustainable MBA.

Business students have been graduating from traditional schools with the traditional education and the traditional mindset of profits over anything else.  Can you really change the quality of education with one or two classes? Those tenured professors who think sustainability is bunk probably aren’t too excited to see anything new in the course work.

So if you’re interested in the right MBA program for you, look at some of the newer schools around you.  It’s more likely than not that they’re on the cutting edge of business.


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  1. Nice. I agree that this is just someone’s opinion and at the same time I’m glad we’re in the top 5 — and I want us to be higher. Lotakis, Eliza, Mona and I were talking about this a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned that we should look to emulate Stanford. Yes, it’s a school with 120 years of history and has a $17 billion endowment to play with. But we can be fast and nimble.

    Here’s two things they have going for them that I hope to see in BGI 2.0: a design school that enables creative session work / fast prototyping and the center for social innovation — an entrepreneurial incubator that features coursework, research and lectures in a variety of formats. They also publish a quarterly review focused on innovations in sustainable business.

    Links for both:


  2. I really like the topic of your blog and I see that you are finding a real passion for it. I love knowing that you are out there keeping track of whats going on in the sustainable education world. I know it is a super academic topic but putting pictures in will just help it be more visually stimulating and draw more people in.


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